Nancy Baker Jacobs

Selected Titles

Includes STAR SEARCH, a new novella featuring Quinn Collins, who was first introduced in STAR STRUCK.
The first mystery featuring California Arson Czar Susan Kim Delancey.
The first mystery featuring Hollywood Star reporter Quinn Collins.
Suspense Novels and Thrillers
Annabel Nettleton discovers the man she married has a mysterious past.
Allison Warren flees cross-country to protect her young daughter from an abusive father.
Two sisters find their anticipated house exchange turning into a vacation from hell.


"A super addition to the author's new series."
--Library Journal

"A new series heroine marks a welcome development for a veteran author....

"Korean-American Susan Kim Delancey has been divorced for five years from the father of her teenaged son Max, whose custody they share. Susan's left her San Francisco university job teaching arson investigation to become the California governor's first appointed arson czar, officially Special Assistant for Arson Investigation. Now that she's solved several cases, she's confronted with the most challenging to date. A series of unwed mothers have been burned to death in their homes and their newborn infants have vanished. Politicos from the governor on down, along with the city's best-known newspaper columnists, are clamoring for an end to the killings and the arrest of the perp. Susan, working with her tiny staff--her assistant Ricky and a part-time secretary--struggles to follow up on every official lead. In the end, though, it's her desperate effort to rescue Max from the murderer's clutches that uncovers a tragic past and an unexpected solution.

"Jacobs's uncluttered straight-ahead narrative style moves the story along at a fast-moving pace that never lets up on the tension. An auspicious debut."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Nancy Baker Jacobs has a winning new series if FLASH POINT is any indication. The heroine is impossible not to like as she races from one horrific crime scene to another to find some answers that will stop a killer before he strikes again. There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages...."
--Harriet Klausner