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As she arranges a San Francisco-area house exchange holiday, Minnesota nurse Ellen Merchant thinks she's snared the free vacation junket of a lifetime, and invites her journalist sister Claire to join her.

Herb Carmody, whose wife Jane owns the multi-million-dollar mansion where Ellen and Claire expect to relax and sightsee, owes large gambling debts he can't pay. Jane's threatening to divorce Herb and cut off what little income he has. The only way he can see to escape his life-threatening dilemma is to murder Jane for her money before she can divorce him...and while an out-of-town business trip will give him an alibi.

Small time con artist Sid Balzarian thinks he's discovered the perfect way to get rich quick--he plans to kidnap wealthy Jane Carmody for ransom.

In DOUBLE OR NOTHING, these three stories quickly intersect in a fast-paced suspense thriller that turns the Merchant sisters' dream vacation into a nightmare and puts them at the mercy of a murderous husband, a ruthless kidnapper, and a fast-approaching deadline.

"An ingenious plan...Jacobs has designed a series of interlocking schemes that provide...thrills."
--Kirkus Reviews

"A complex, action-packed plot coupled with a high-powered ending makes DOUBLE OR NOTHING a novel thriller fans should find engrossing."
--Monterey Herald

"This is a really good read: well plotted, with good characterizations and good dialogue...The book rings with verisimilitude."
--Carmel Pine Cone