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Allison is not alone as she flees across the country with her young daughter. She has a network of "safe houses" for women like her, trying to escape brutalizing, abusive men. She has a secret sisterhood to help her create a new identity and build a new life.

But Allison also has another constant companion: fear. Her ex-husband Karl will never rest until he has discredited her and taken their daughter away from her. His hired detectives are on her trail like bloodhounds. And the law will never pardon her for breaking its iron-clad commandments.

Once Allison was an ordinary wife and mother. Now she is an outlaw in a terror-filled flight through an outlaw world. But she is determined to fight and win, even though all the odds are against her and the little girl she will do anything to protect.

(This trade paperback is a new edition of Nancy's 1992 Signet novel.)