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"Original plotting...a heroine who's gutsy but no superwoman...a welcome addition to the genre."
--Kirkus Reviews

"An engrossing plot with fascinating characters....Nancy Baker Jacobs has created a great new character in Devon MacDonald, P.I., and mystery readers will be happy to great this new rising star."
--Mostly Murder

--San Francisco Chronicle

"The Turquoise Tattoo is replete with deft, satisfying characters....The action is swift and believable."
--Pittsburgh Press

"Nancy Baker Jacobs's promising mystery debut...packs enough excitement and provocative questions to be well worth the reader's time."
--Publishers Weekly

"As the sympathetic, intelligent, and intentionally solitary...protagonist of a new series, Devon MacDonald may attract a wide following."
--Library Journal

"Jacobs writes about more than murder and detection...The Turquoise Tattoo is both tragic and involving."
--Ocala Star-Banner

Nancy Baker Jacobs is "a writer with enormous promise."
--Cleveland Plain Dealer

"If you're a mystery fan in search of a vibrant new P.I., then here's your, woman....It's easy to like this fast-paced, concise...mystery."
--West Coast Review of Books

"Soundly plotted and well written, this looks like a promising new series."
--Toronto Star

"This book is stuffed full of interesting characters and topical issues. What could be more up-to-date than hate-mongering groups, battered wives and test-tube babies, not to forget hyperactive children, the problems of divorce and a mother grieving for her child."
--Calgary Herald


"A colorful and surprising mystery...featuring gutsy, down-to-earth private investigator Devon MacDonald....Closely plotted and fast-paced, A Slash of Scarlet carries the reader along nicely....A good read and a good study of the solitary existence so many live today."
--Mystery News

"Ingeniously plotted."
--Publishers Weekly

"Devon entertaining company....Jacobs tells a good, brisk, first-person tale and here makes the villain...a very plausible seducer...."
--Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A second book that denies all of the tales of the dreaded sophomore slump...The anticlimax is hysterical or just plain funny depending on your TV I.Q....A final solution that is a neat surprise."
--Murder Ad Lib

"If you are looking for a good mystery, try the newest Devon MacDonald novel by Nancy Baker Jacobs."
--Monterey Herald


"As is becoming her trademark, all Jacobs' characters, even the minor ones, leave an imprint.....This is an important, well-written novel that deserves to be read by anyone with an open mind."
--The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"This tale keeps the reader guessing until the fiery climax, a sure sign of a good mystery. Jacobs paints a wonderful picture of righteousness twisted by greed."
--United Press International

"Jacobs excels at coming up with clever plots."
--The Purloined Letter

"A gripping feminist mystery....With a savvy heroine, unremitting action and a final twist of the plot, Jacobs adroitly constructs her mystery around a smoldering topic."
--Publishers Weekly

"Nicely handled spin on a hot issue."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Jacobs brings to her writing a solid sense of how a case progresses--she herself has worked as an investigator."
--Armchair Detective